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Since 2015, we have launched more than 400 successful ad campaigns for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

Since 2015, we have launched more than 400 successful ad campaigns for entrepreneurs and local businesses.

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In just a few years, Facebook has become the most popular social network in the world. If you’re looking to expand your online presence, it offers a powerful marketing tool for business owners.

In addition to drawing in new customers, a Facebook Ads campaign will build up buzz around your company and boost brand awareness.

With easy promos and customer engagement, they offer a fabulous way to grow your business. And at Linkeo, we’ll guide you through the entire process. Your steps to a winning campaign start with us.

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Facebook Ads and Your Marketing Strategy

With more than 221 million members, Americans are among the most active Facebook users in the world. Since 70% of the population is already on Facebook, it’s a great platform for finding new customers.

On average, Americans spend two hours and three minutes per day on social media. They’re already scrolling, so it’s up to you to get their attention.

The marketing potential of social media is huge, and brands are seeking ways to leverage these channels to drive traffic back to their websites.

Though everyone loves their subscribers and post likes, what advertisers are really interested in is conversions.

Facebook Ads and Your Marketing Strategy

Why should I hire and agency to manage my ad campaigns?

If you’re ready to create your first Facebook Ads, there are several advantages to hiring a web agency with expertise in social media. Although Facebook is accessible to everyone, experts can help you use the platform to its full potential.

Here at Linkeo, we believe in doing what you do best. So, let us take care of your ad campaigns and you can save time and money that can go straight into your business.

Facebook Ads have been on our list of offers since 2015. We’re well versed in the ever-evolving features and benefits of the platform. Once we launch your campaign, you can count on us to monitor your performance and make the necessary tweaks as we go.

One key factor lies in targeting the right people for your market. You don’t want to waste your budget and resources by getting prospects who aren’t interested in your offers to click on your posts. Facebook Ads offers a wide range of targeting criteria based on demographics and geography, as well as user profiles with filters for interests, age, gender, hobbies, and more. Narrowing down your ideal customer profile is essential to an effective campaign.

Why should I hire and agency to manage my ad campaigns?

How do Facebook Ads with Linkeo work?

We will manage every aspect of your campaign, from defining your target market to choosing the best format for your ads. From start to finish, we’ll be at your side with our guidance and support.

You will also have access to our team of experts who are always ready to answer your questions and act on your new ideas.

We’ve been working with clients on our Facebook Ads since 2015 and when it comes to our online campaigns, we’ve built a reputation as the go-to web agency for small to medium-sized businesses.

How do Facebook Ads with Linkeo work?

Facebook Ads with Linkeo—Key Steps

Creation of Your Facebook Account (Or account access)

If you don’t already have a Facebook Page, we will create one for you. If you already have one, Linkeo will use it to build your campaign. We will also create your Facebook Ads account.

Ad Creation

To create your ads, we will scan your site for visuals like photos and color schemes, as well as the wording of your texts and hooks. If you would prefer a different focus, just send us the images and texts you would like us to use for your ads.

Target Audiences

Based on your offers and goals, we will define the target audiences who are most likely to bring you conversions. We will also install Facebook Pixel to your site so we can measure results and create a new audience for retargeting.

Your campaign goals may include: An upgraded brand image, boosted visibility, online sales, improved traffic, and more leads. We will define them with you beforehand.

Campaign Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Next, we will optimize your campaign for maximum performance. To do so, we take advantage of proprietary technology that automatically manages your budget and makes adjustments as needed.

On top of that, we will regularly monitor your Facebook Ads Campaign and channel our insights into refining your ads, goals, and target audiences.

Monthly Reports

You will receive a monthly report outlining the key performance indicators as determined with your account manager. If you would like to discuss your campaign results from the previous month, your account manager is available throughout the week.

Should I get Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads?

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads are two types of advertising media (social Ads) available on the Facebook Ads platform. In a Facebook Ads campaign, you will have the option to display your ads on Instagram.

The ad format will be fairly similar (post, photos, image carroussel, video).

That said, for Instagram Ads the target audience is somewhat younger (25-35 years) than for Facebook Ads (35-50 years). Depending on your ideal market, you may choose to publish your campaign on either Facebook, Instagram, or both.

Should I get Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads?

So far, we've worked with more than 20,000 small business owners just like you. We're committed to building long-term relationships with our clients.

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